The Rise of the Tenebris

The Foxmire Arena

Time has passed since the Hauntings of Helenia. After burning down the mansion, the group was hired to exterminate Shades and Zombies all over the forest until the infestation became so dense the Inquisition itself was sent in.

The group was relieved and sent on its way, traveling wherever the work took them. The seasons changed, and the cold grasp of Winter was upon them as they made their way into the modest countryside of Goldar.

Eventually, the warlock and the weaponsmaster found their way into the small, impoverished town of Foxmire- a place full of merchants and thieves, where retired soldiers came to relive their glory days by fighting in the ever-popular arena for some spare coin.

The duo signed on for a 2v2 match, certain of their victory, and as expected reigned victorious with such an amount of ease that a lone Templar in the crowd, Lady Milan, has decided their skills in combat belie their rag-tag looks, and has chosen them for a dangerous, yet important mission: Delivering the wedding gown of Chancellor Joshua Fidelis’s soon-to-be daughter in law to Gabriel, where a grand reward awaits them. She has chosen her best guard (a blind ranger named Merrick) to accompany them on your journey, to make sure their task is completed.

Now, the group is packing for their journey through the harsh, blizzarding mountains and across treacherous territory into Gabriel. Will they survive? And just what awaits them in Gabriel?


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