Betany "The Reborn" Paul

The Beautiful redhead that just won't go away.....


Items List:
Oil x2
Flint and Tinder x2
Walking Stick
Large Bag
Excellent Rope 30 Feet
Small metal Mirror
Oil Lamp
Blanket x2
Wineskin (for extra water)
Small Tent
2 Weeks of Good quality food rations

Long sword
Complete Leather armor


A lightwight tall redhead that is ready to blast your face off. Being a warlock is one thing but she won’t just go away, men in her past have thought they’d seen the last of her when they’d drowned her at sea 10 years ago. Little did they know, and little did she know, that she would wake up floating in the ocean discovered by nearby fishing boat. since then she started to understand the magical nature she wielded and began to hone it to a perfection. She has been well taught in many paths of magic, but she seems to really only control a path or two at a time, but it is quite random and seems to change each time she awakes from near death….

Betany "The Reborn" Paul

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