Medium hight, black dread locks, dark skinned, eyes change color with spell type.


does not go by any name as of yet. He is a 5’10" Sylvain with a strong mystical affinity.

He is slim but sturdy, and walks rather heavily, letting his arms hang in front of him as he slouches forward a bit.

He is trained and skilled in Capoeira, he uses it’s fluid and fierce motions to channel the copious amounts of mystic energy stored in him.

His face is horribly scarred and covered in wounds that can’t close, they act as somewhat of an outlet for his energies. He wears a mask, made of steel and firmly fastened to him at all times, to cover his disturbingly ugly face.

He cannot speak, his lips are melted and scarred shut. His little dragon, Rah, will often speak for him.


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